Simultaneous Membership Program

The ROTC/SMP is a voluntary officer training program designed to increase the number of ROTC officers available for the Reserve Forces Duty. It provide an incentive to encourage enrollment and participation in the ROTC advance camp.

In order to qualify for SMP, you must be a non-scholarship contracted Cadet.

Additional Cash Earnings to your ROTC Financial Benefits
Drill Pay (E5) $279/month
*Federal Tuition Assistance $4,500
Annual Total $7,848
Over 4 Years $31,392

* Note: Federal Tuition Assistance is only for Cadets who complete Basic Training


Recruiting Office
Natural Sciences I
Office #3129, 3rd Floor
Office: (949) 824-7581

If you are very interested in enrolling, we have an online application that can determine your potential eligibility to join our program and compete for a scholarship. We will give you immediate feedback on your potential eligibility or refer you to other commissioning sources.

Our mission as student leaders at University of California, Irvine is to provide cadets the necessary skills and leadership training to become officers in the United States Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard, to develop the future officer leadership of the U.S. Army, and to motivate young people to become better citizens.